The New What Next: Rays vs White Sox part two — a series preview

The Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago White Sox are set to start a three-game series at Tropicana Field, on Friday night.

Royals Vs. Orioles — An ALCS Primer

Here we go! The two teams who entered the ALDS as underdogs are set to face one another in the ALCS after sweeping a pair of teams who, on paper, seemed much stronger. Both the Royals and Orioles showcased their respective strengths in the ALDS, and it will be fascinating to see how both teams perform against one another, beginning Friday. In the case of Kansas City speed, defense, and the bullpen ruled the day, while the Orioles counter with a solid bullpen and some pretty powerful bats. Regardless who comes out of the Championship Series as victors, one thing is certain: the upcoming matchup, between two teams promises to be exciting.

The New What Next: Royals vs. Angels — An ALDS Primer

After a good number of well executed sac-bunts, seven stolen bases, and a 12th inning act of heroics from Salvador Perez, the Kansas City Royals find themselves as participants in this year’s ALDS against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Suffice it to say, the Angels became an indestructible force this season. Tacking on 20 wins to its 2013 total, Los Angeles earned home-field advantage through the AL playoffs, boasting a pretty powerful lineup which includes some guy named Mike Trout — maybe you’ve heard of him.

Royals vs. Athletics — An AL Wildcard Preview of Sorts

While I am grizzled by the fact that my team isn’t in the playoffs, I’m pretty excited that my favorite pitcher, James Shields, is getting another shot at the postseason. Since Shields and teammate Wade Davis, along with more than a handful of Athletics, are former Rays, covering Tuesday night’s AL Wildcard Game seemed like a no-brainer.