The Matt Duffy era begins tonight in the Bronx. (Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Rays)

Rays 8/12/16 Starting Lineup

Forsythe 2B
Duffy SS
Longoria 3B
Miller 1B
Mahtook CF
Dickerson LF
Souza Jr. RF
Beckham DH
Wilson C
Archer RHP


— Another night when the Rays are in town for Yankees history:

— Per the Rays PR department, four other great players have finished their careers against Tampa Bay: Mariano Rivera, Jason Giambi, Jorge Posada and Jim Thome.

— The Matt Duffy era begins tonight in earnest. Duffy will take over shortstop duties, hitting second.

— Just finished with another productive (and exciting) #BaseballForever meeting. Everyone should be just as excited as I! Still, we need your support as a community. There are two ways you can help support our efforts in the short-term:

  1. Attend our last watch party before the Baseball Forever Night at the Trop tonight at Ferg’s in St. Pete.
  2. Purchase a ticket to the Baseball Forever Night at the Trop on Friday, August 19th.

— Don’t forget, you can read about tonight’s pitching matchup in our series preview.

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