We were at the game last night…

Did you see us?

First things first

Then we grabbed a couple of corndogs

That’s right…kiss the ring bitches!

Found our seats

That didn’t last very long though. As soon as the Rays management heard that we were here, they gave us a little upgrade

7th Inning Stretch

Post Game Concert with Bret Michaels

We were stoked!

This family was stoked!

This guy was REALLY stoked!

What a great night! See everybody next time!

Breaking News…..

Raysbaseball.co brass attends Bret Michaels concert. Gets into a suite at the Rays game in the process. Just like we deserve. Proper respect.

Our World Series Prediction…

Is the Tampa Bay Rays vs. The San Francisco Giants. The Rays take the series in game 6. The best part of it is, Pat Burrell goes 0-24 with 24 swinging strikeouts! After his 24th strikeout in the 8th inning of game 6, Joe Maddon runs out and bitch-slaps him…setting a Tampa Bay Rays franchise record for the most postseason ejections by a manager. But, in the end the Rays are the 2010 World Series Champs, and Pat Burrell is still a loser.

Alex Rodriguez Hits Career HR #…


Who gives a shit! A-Roid still sucks and the New York Yankmes still lost.

Tee hee….

These things crack me up…..