Noah Pransky on Misleading Comments Regarding the Stadium Saga

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a big fan of Noah Pransky. He, by way of his blog the Shadow of the Stadium, consistently calls things like he sees them. Pransky offers an important and valuable counter voice to those that think the only reasonable solution to the Rays stadium saga is a brand new water-front facility in downtown Tampa.

His pieces (more times than not) make strides in getting others to remember that this topic, along with others, are not solely black and white issues, and elicit objective discussion.

Pranksy wrote a piece today titled, Tribune Misleads on Stadium Saga, where he asserts that though it may not have been intentional, one little snippet from a Tampa Tribune article may have been enough to shape others opinions on the stadium saga.

Noah goes on to question the assertion of the economic feasibility of a new facility on either side of the bay, while also arguing that the ABC Coalition included the Gateway region in St. Petersburg as a potential site for a new facility, along with other sites in Hillsborough; a fact that was conveniently glossed over in the Tribune, potentially swaying readers in believing that the only solution is to break ground across the bay. Well done, Noah!

I highly recommend reading Pransky’s article and following his blog. If you are like us and would rather have a productive argument, I can’t think of a better place to start.


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