X-Rays Spex social media sites galore


How many X-Rays Spex social media sites can you take? Here are two more.

Hello dear readers, we genuinely hope you like the new site. We’ve got a lust that can only be quenched by more followers. That said, we’ve put together Tumblr and Google+ pages to accompany our already burgeoning social media presence on the internet. You can now follow us via the aforementioned platforms, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Connect with us via the link tab/buttons in the top right-hand corner of this here site.

We’re also working on putting together a podcast and a means to cull together other random audio tid-bits…an X-Rays Spex radio of sorts. Both will be available via a streaming audio site like Sound Cloud. Be expecting that in the near future.

We will not stop until we dominate your internet browser with at least seven different sites. I kid, I kid…or do I?


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