Poll: Who Will Get Traded — Ben Zobrist or Yunel Escobar — and Why?

As the title suggests, because the Tampa Bay Rays acquired Asdrubal Cabrera earlier in the week, it’s easy to assume that someone in the middle infield will be shipped elsewhere prior to Opening Day. The question is, who — Yunel Escobar or Ben Zobrist?

DRaysBay: Evaluating Asdrubal Cabrera, the Defender

I wrote about the acquisition of Asdrubal Cabrera the other day, and how the deal might be better than the initial gut reaction might assume — that is, supposing the Rays can cobble together a trade of Yunel Escobar. I included an offensive analysis of Cabrera in that article, while also incorporating a piece from Dock of the Rays blog which went into great detail on that very subject. Danny Russell (DRaysBay) took a look Cabrera the defender Thursday, and I thought I’d re-post that article below. After all, a complete view of the newest Ray must include all facets of Cabrera’s game.