Scott Radinsky

In our wonderful world where punk rock and baseball overlap at times, ex-White Sox pitcher and current Pulley front-man, Scott Radinsky, just got promoted from bullpen to pitching coach, on Manny Acta’s Cleveland Indians. Congrats bud!

On a personal side-note, I remember meeting Radinsky as a young fan of the Chicago White Sox (don’t crucify me) when they came to Al Lang Stadium to take on the St. Louis Cardinals during Spring Training. I got his autograph on a baseball that’s still bouncing around somewhere in my collection. A few months later, Scott was on the cover of the iconic punk zine Maximumrocknroll (MRR) for an interview with his first band, Ten Foot Pole. He certainly wasn’t the first punk rock athlete, nor is he the last. But, he was the first that I’d heard of back in my formative years.  I knew that he was still involved with music in some way, shape, or form, but figured he’d fallen off of the face of the Earth when it came to baseball. To my surprise, he hasn’t! has a fairly decent article on Radinsky over at their site. You can check out that post here.

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