rrrr…rrrr.rrrr..rrrr………………..rrrr.rr…rrrrr..rrrrr…VROOM…sputter..sputter……rrrrr…rrrr..r.rr….rrrr…VROOOM..BANG..Sputter…sputter…..rrrrr..rrrr..VROOOM.VROOM..VROOOM…..And away we go!

Well, I went back and re-read my last post.  Apparently I said something about being around during the offseason.  Apparently that was a lie.  Anyway, baseball’s back and so are we.  Nothing quite as invigorating as waking up from a long cold season of football and basketball (zzzzzzzzz….) to the fresh smell of blooming trees, fresh cut grass, and Manny Ramirez hair-stink to get you back in that spring fever/spring training mood.  Obviously quite a bit has transpired over the last few months, and we would be fools not to wholeheratedly regurgitate what all the more committed pundits have had to say during our hiatus (Did you hear Crawford went to the Red Sox?!?!).  Stay tuned for recaps, predictions, unwarranted bitching, warranted bitching, and all the scathing humor that has made us the undisputed champions of Rays fan sites!

So as to start the year off on the right foot, lets begin with a combo Two Minute Hate / Caption Contest:

Ok all….you know how to do it.  Just hit Comment and give it a whirl.  I’ve got a sweet pair of silver and blue Rays sunglasses just ready to go out in the mail to the wittiest of all……

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  1. The Yanks the Yanks the Yanks are on fire
    We don’t need no water let the motherfuckers burn!!

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