It’s A Great Day For Baseball, Let’s Play Two!

Happy First and Second Games of the Spring day! We figured that we’d share some fun/good news with you to celebrate. We plan to have the Raymones shirts ready to go by opening day. Even better, we’ll be sending them to any who may want one, assuming we can get them printed up beforehand. We’ll be charging the minimal cost of printing and shipping to recoup any, and all, expenses that we may incur. Don’t worry you cheap bastards, they won’t cost much. After all, we’re not trying to make any money from you, dear readers. However, we certainly wouldn’t deny you the privilege of giving us beer or food  money.

I digress.

The original mock-up is below. Since the front four pitchers of the rotation (Helly, Price, Moore, and Cobb) have been set, we’ll be replacing Shieldsy’s name with Cobb. We’re also tinkering with the idea of printing the X-Rays Spex logo on the back, just beneath the collar.

We’ll put up pricing and ordering information as we get closer to printing these shirts up. Until then, enjoy the next few weeks while we count down the days until April 2nd.

We know, Shields is still on our original mock-up. Mentally replace Shieldsy with Cobb and voila! Problem solved.

You don’t need to say anything, we’re well aware that Shieldsy is still listed on the original mock-up above. While we’re creating the new mock-up, mentally replace Shieldsy with Cobb, and voila! Problem solved.



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